Just over two years ago, Vagabond Story was just starting out. I spent days day dreaming about what this beautiful brand would become, I let it run free, occasionally steering things back onto the path. Now we have a beautiful home on the interwebs, built by the ever-talented Gavin of Gamma Web Solutions and a bigger and better selection of sunglasses on offer every time you come back to visit.
I have spent time thinking about the Vagabond Story lately, and what I keep coming back to is that we only continue to exist because of the community that has surrounded us in support, wise council ever ready to offer a word of upliftment or solid advice, old and new friends who have shared our story far and wide and the most loyal customers turned family who have shaped the way that we think and what we continue to strive towards every day.
An idea evolved into a journey filled with bumps in the road, occasionally running out of gas and the most amazing stops along the way. While I say thank you for all of your parts in our story, I also want to say thank you for taking us along on your adventures. Thank you for taking us with on your trips, concerts and your every day life. Thank you for choosing us for early call times and laid-back weekends out in nature.

Vagabond Story is a gorgeous affair filled with passion, sacrifice and relentless hard work. Something that we would choose time and again.

This blog is for you, we will let it evolve and grow before deciding what to focus on. I hope you are up for some experimentation; your thoughts and comments are welcome. Guest blogs and collaborations are welcome too. Get in touch!!

Here’s to many more years of vagabonding.

Vagabond Story, All The Better To See You.