I need to email this person….I need to send out that quote…… order stock…. There is no food at home, don’t forget… at least get some fruit and sparkling water… do laundry… wait, again???….. meeting…..sit and finish that report…. Coffee…. More coffee… I was lying about growing this hair, another haircut… call parents to tell them you are alive…. And so it goes, day in and day out. Do you take breaks? I don’t, but I convince myself that it is the right thing to do, grind until you make it, ehh?? Well, more like grind until your health forces you to a standstill.
You really cannot pour from an empty cup, everything stops. While not my first time going through it, I was recently hit with a painful bout of a physical condition caused by physical and mental stress. In my true nature, I ignored it. The pain and the very real nightmare of going from limping to not being able to walk forced me to stop. Guess what? No one has died yet, people around me rallied to help with the urgent things that needed attending to and the rest has been put on hold. It really is not the end of the world if you choose to take a break in-between the madness.

Great quality of life is your biggest asset, embrace and respect the beauty of every day that you have been given.


Here are a few tips to help you to remember that you matter just as much as everyone else you are working so hard for. 

• Switch it all off at a certain time during the evening. Cultivate a wind down routine for yourself and stick to it.

• Choose books instead of shows before bed.

• Take your vitamins and drink lots of water.

• Get yourself something nice often, no matter how little it is. Even if it is a cute stationery item (or some new sunnies) .

• Exercise does not have to be hardcore, a 20-minute walk to get some fresh air or taking the stairs is exercise too. Get some.

• Get regular check-ups with the Doctors you need.

• Set your boundaries with people, say no when you need to, the world will adjust. We teach people every day how to talk to us, how to treat us and how far they can push before we object.

• Do it. Stop over analysing everything. If it does not work, tweak it or change it completely. Your ideas are valid, your contributions are welcome in the world.

• Wear your Vagabond Story sunglasses to meetings so you can roll your eyes undetected (First check that your lenses are dark enough) or better yet, say no to meetings that can be email exchanges.

I am doing things differently this year, I hope that it will show in my work and play.

Your Favourite Vagabond,